Minutes from Writers Guild/Poetry Circle August meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild/Poetry Circle meeting

August 12, 2014- 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Lee Padgett, Phillip Carango, Connie Terpack, Roy Richardson, Jane Seawright, Amaryllis Turman

Member news

Connie is working on an article for the Greenwood magazine. The editor is Kristen Hillman. If anyone has an idea for the magazine, talk to Connie and she will explain how to go about contacting Kristen. Article topics must be Greenwood country related. Article submissions are due by the 10th of the month before publication. Example, for November/December issue, article would be due October 10th.

Amaryllis shared a poem she wrote with the executive director of MEG’s House. It was well received and has the potential to be used in future domestic violence awareness events.

Roy submitted a piece to a devotional book from a contact made on Twitter. This is a good example of using social media to make contacts.

Jane uses Facebook and Grit magazine to find pen pals for snail mail letter writing. She has found that this helps to spur the creativity.

Member discussion

Roy asked “How do you stay focused when writing?” Answer from Jane: “Inspiration does not ask. It just happens.”

Make a list of favorite words
Draw a scene to figure how to write or describe
Use board game pieces to stage characters for a scene
Create an outline to determine timeline (and avoid plot confusion)

Amaryllis is going to contact someone from GWD Now to discuss possible writing opportunities for Writer’s guild members.

Connie has a segment on her blog called “Faith Filled Friday”. If anyone is interested in being a guest blogger, sharing an article or story with that theme, contact Connie.

Don’t forget that officers will be elected during the September meeting. Positions available: Chair, Co-Chair (events & program director), Publicity & Social media (blog, Facebook, etc),

Writing Contests and other information

Sourcebooks, Inc. is always looking for qualified freelance resources in the areas of copyediting, proofreading, indexing, production and design – See more

Tennessee Williams Festival Fiction Writing contest ($25 Entry Fee) This contest is open only to writers who have not yet published a book of fiction. See more


Greenwood magazine: Article topics needed

Kristen, the Greenwood Magazine editor, is looking for certain articles of interest. Connie has listed them below. If you know of anyone, including yourself, that would be interested in sharing their knowledge or skills, please email or call Connie.

Connie’s phone #: 864-374-7369; email – cterpack [at] gmail [dot] com

Fly fishing, fly tying

Generational Crafts or Legends: things-stories/skills that have been handed down through several generations

Human Interest stories

Native American artifacts

Noodlers: fishing with hands

Turkey calls, Duck calls, National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF), Ducks Unlimited

Southern stuff: tips, recipes, getting garden/lawn ready for winter, etc

Woodcarving / Woodworking

Mirror images collaboration: Artist Marianne Lenti & Poet Virginia Pulver

Into the Light – Marianne Lenti

Blinded by the Light – Virginia Pulver

As I walk out to greet the day
The sun gets in my eyes.
I shiver in the dawn.
I stumble forward towards the blazing light,
Greedy for her golden gifts of warmth and fire.
Sipping coffee
I am absorbed by this goddess in the sky,

Then I turn and with sunshine on my shoulders
I suddenly see all that I have missed.
I see the shadows fill with gentle light
And watch the subtle stories humbly unfold
Like magic before my human eyes.

Blinded by the sun,
I missed the moment
When turtles slip from the bank
To make a green ballet of concentric circles
As they swim to safety.

Still watching the sun,
I was unseeing as a young deer bolted behind me,
Leaping and bounding,
Sluicing through the dew-covered grass.

The sun was in my eyes
So I did not see the tadpoles, who linger in the cool shadows,
Nor the schools of darting fish playing tag in the pond,
Just inches from my feet.

I failed to see the crane that swooped and dove,
Then quickly flew away.
I did not breathe in the sweet perfume of damp earth and flowers
Because the glorious sun held me rapt,
Dazzling me with her amber glories.

And so the lesson goes
As I stand here in the morning sun;
How much I miss
When I am blinded by the light.