Mirror images collaboration: Artist Marianne Lenti & Poet Virginia Pulver

Into the Light – Marianne Lenti

Blinded by the Light – Virginia Pulver

As I walk out to greet the day
The sun gets in my eyes.
I shiver in the dawn.
I stumble forward towards the blazing light,
Greedy for her golden gifts of warmth and fire.
Sipping coffee
I am absorbed by this goddess in the sky,

Then I turn and with sunshine on my shoulders
I suddenly see all that I have missed.
I see the shadows fill with gentle light
And watch the subtle stories humbly unfold
Like magic before my human eyes.

Blinded by the sun,
I missed the moment
When turtles slip from the bank
To make a green ballet of concentric circles
As they swim to safety.

Still watching the sun,
I was unseeing as a young deer bolted behind me,
Leaping and bounding,
Sluicing through the dew-covered grass.

The sun was in my eyes
So I did not see the tadpoles, who linger in the cool shadows,
Nor the schools of darting fish playing tag in the pond,
Just inches from my feet.

I failed to see the crane that swooped and dove,
Then quickly flew away.
I did not breathe in the sweet perfume of damp earth and flowers
Because the glorious sun held me rapt,
Dazzling me with her amber glories.

And so the lesson goes
As I stand here in the morning sun;
How much I miss
When I am blinded by the light.


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