Rendezvous by Charlotte Ehney


When the full moon beckons
I escape my safe abode
choosing instead to travel
a path of moonbeams
to the spirit world.

The ancient ones guard the faint trail
invisible to most human eyes
but I am blessed by Mother Moon
with second sight
granting me entry
to that mystic realm
where I dance with the fae
under the silvery light
until the rooster’s crow
signals Aurora to arise
bringing forth the day.

The fairies retire
taking shelter to safely slumber
through the sun’s harsh rays
as I retrace my steps
to the world of mortals
until the moon beckons me once more.

Charlotte Ehney

Charlotte is a native of South Carolina and resides in Greenwood. Charlotte received an Honorable Mention for her short story “The Game” in the 77th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition (Genre Category) and an Honorable Mention in the Fifth Annual Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards for the story “Full Circle”. Charlotte’s poems have appeared in the column “Birthing the Writer Mother” on, other magazines and have been displayed at the Greenwood Arts Center.


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