Featured Author – Amy Alley part 1

What were you like at school? I was very introverted. Though I was hyper in elementary grades and often in trouble for ‘moving’ too much, I still primarily kept to myself, mostly reading at recess or studying nature. I’ve been told that as an adult we can find the most joy by coming back to what stimulated us as a child – and I find some of my greatest daily joys in nature and in the pages of books. Reading a book while eating lunch outside and pausing to watch a flock of geese fly overhead…this happened today, and it was a priceless moment.

I would say that now I am much like I was back in those childhood years. Coming full circle at 41, I’ve found myself authentic self again.

Why do you write? I would say I write to express myself and to share my experiences with others. I am always moved when someone comments on a blog post or messages me to say that they have read one of my magazine articles. I have explored many areas of creative self-expression and I always come back to writing as my favorite ‘medium’. For me, it seems to be the most genuine way to reach other people, inspire them, move them enough that they take a moment out of their day to let me know their thoughts on something I’ve written. Whenever I gain a new blog follower, I feel a small victory inside! It means someone was moved enough by my words that they don’t want to miss future posts. I feel that many of the practices I’ve adopted over the past few years have improved the quality of my life in so many ways, and in sharing those practices via my writing, I can help others to make positive changes in their own lives. Lead by example is a motto I think of every time I write a post.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  I feel so blessed to have a rewarding full-time job that provides not only our livelihood, but also plenty of time for my freelance career as well. My ambitions really at this time center on my blog! I’m really keen to have it reach others and reach many people and inspire others to appreciate simple living, well-being, nature, the handmade, and quality time with loved ones and family through my writing.

Writing for The Mother Magazine, I get to target an audience of parents who value holistic lifestyles and similar parenting beliefs to my own, and this has been such a wonderful experience. There are many books inside of me, as there are in all of us, and life has given me the chance to meet an know such a cast of characters I’d hardly need to fabricate any, but at the moment, my ambition would be that my blog readership continues to grow and maybe I have more opportunities with domestic and international magazine publications (though the current assignment load is at a level I can easily handle!)

So, what have you written?  The Absence of Anyone Else is my only full-length novel.

The synopsis: Grace Pruitt, struggling artist and single mother, paints into the wee hours of the night, hoping to numb the pain she’s felt since fleeing her beloved Asheville, North Carolina, home three years before. Now back in Calvary, South Carolina, the fading textile town where she was raised, she aches for the exciting life she once led in the heart of the Great Smokies and wonders what, if anything, her future holds. When the terminally-ill estranged father of her son reaches out from the past, she finds herself in the midst of an emotional turmoil that is further complicated by the ever-growing stir of feelings towards her lifelong friend Daniel, a dashingly handsome graphic artist who seems unable to express his true feelings for Grace, despite having confessed to love her years before. Just when her plate of drama seems full, Grace gets a glimpse into the life she has only dreamed of when Cristofer Stanley, uccessful artist and gallery owner, expresses an interest in representing her art. Fueled by a steady stream of coffee, sage advice (and just a few secrets) from her eclectic Grandmother Nan, and the passionate desire to do what is right for both herself and her son, Grace finally finds the courage to let go of the life she thought she wanted and embrace the life ~ and love ~ she was meant to have.

It was published in 2009 and available on Amazon via paperback and e-Kindle. I have had ongoing problems of communication with my publisher so I do not promote the paperback version at this time. (I recommend checking out publishers as extensively as possible before committing to them!!)

Follow Amy’s blog at www.panpanstudios.blogspot.com and you’ll get all the news, posts, and updates! And hopefully a bit of inspiration!

Weekly Musings: http://panpanstudios.blogspot.com/

The Boldness Initiative Blog: http://boldnessinitiative.blogspot.com/

The Absence of Anyone Else http://www.rockpublishing.com/AbsenceOfAnyoneElse.htm

The Absence of Anyone Else, Kindle ebook http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007TIINUU 

Amy Alley


Minutes from Writers’ Guild November meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild November meeting

November 11, 2014- 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango, Lee Wyndham, Roy Richardson, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman

Member news

Congrats to Roy ! His submission was chosen for the inclusion in the Penned from the Heart 2015 daily devotional. Penned from the Heart is a non-denominational, Christian book of inspiration and teaching consisting of 366 devotions which can be used in any year.  It is published around Thanksgiving by Son-Rise Publications, New Wilmington, PA.  (http://www.marilynnutter.com/writers-guidelines.html)

Congrats to Lee W! She has been tasked to participate as part of the Spiritual Committee that is writing a devotional to assist the capital campaign of First Baptist church on Grace Street.

Other news

There is a Writer’s Free workshop in Anderson on November 22nd. Email amaryllisturman [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

Lee W gave the treasurer’s report. Our account is in good shape.

Charlotte talked to Jennifer with the Arts Center about a possible Mirror Images event in 2015. Everything right now is tentative.

There will be a Writer’s Workshop held in place of the January 13, 2015 meeting. The topic will be blogging. Roy will facilitate. Please RSVP by emailing amaryllisturman [at] gmail [dot] com  or calling Charlotte Ehney.

For the December 9, 2014, bring in your poem or short story (2 page maximum) using the prompt

“Meeting in our Dreams”

Also, there will be end of the year holiday social. Please bring refreshments.
So far, the following people are bringing —

  • Punch, cups, ice – Lee W
  • Sugar free cookies – Philip
  • Snack – Charlotte

Seize Life by Amaryllis Holloway-Turman

Seize Life

Release all fear

Break through your shell

Spread your wings with confidence

Know that you are beautiful

Bright, brilliant, and colorful

Waiting to expand your range

Begin your flight to see the world

Life was meant to be enjoyed

Soar above the clouds

Fly at such altitude to observe

Dreams of your youth come to fruition

What was impossible has become attainable

Transformation has made it inevitable

Amaryllis Holloway-Turman

Amaryllis is a business professional who renewed her interest in creative writing after attending a writing workshop in 2010. Since then, she has immersed herself in the literary world, become a member of the local Poetry Circle, and participated in many poetry readings in her area. In addition to writing, she also enjoys traveling with her husband, scrapbooking, and photography. “Seize Life” is one of the many poems in her published digital chapbook available for sale.