Seize Life by Amaryllis Holloway-Turman

Seize Life

Release all fear

Break through your shell

Spread your wings with confidence

Know that you are beautiful

Bright, brilliant, and colorful

Waiting to expand your range

Begin your flight to see the world

Life was meant to be enjoyed

Soar above the clouds

Fly at such altitude to observe

Dreams of your youth come to fruition

What was impossible has become attainable

Transformation has made it inevitable

Amaryllis Holloway-Turman

Amaryllis is a business professional who renewed her interest in creative writing after attending a writing workshop in 2010. Since then, she has immersed herself in the literary world, become a member of the local Poetry Circle, and participated in many poetry readings in her area. In addition to writing, she also enjoys traveling with her husband, scrapbooking, and photography. “Seize Life” is one of the many poems in her published digital chapbook available for sale.



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