Minutes from Writers’ Guild November meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild November meeting

November 11, 2014- 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango, Lee Wyndham, Roy Richardson, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman

Member news

Congrats to Roy ! His submission was chosen for the inclusion in the Penned from the Heart 2015 daily devotional. Penned from the Heart is a non-denominational, Christian book of inspiration and teaching consisting of 366 devotions which can be used in any year.  It is published around Thanksgiving by Son-Rise Publications, New Wilmington, PA.  (http://www.marilynnutter.com/writers-guidelines.html)

Congrats to Lee W! She has been tasked to participate as part of the Spiritual Committee that is writing a devotional to assist the capital campaign of First Baptist church on Grace Street.

Other news

There is a Writer’s Free workshop in Anderson on November 22nd. Email amaryllisturman [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

Lee W gave the treasurer’s report. Our account is in good shape.

Charlotte talked to Jennifer with the Arts Center about a possible Mirror Images event in 2015. Everything right now is tentative.

There will be a Writer’s Workshop held in place of the January 13, 2015 meeting. The topic will be blogging. Roy will facilitate. Please RSVP by emailing amaryllisturman [at] gmail [dot] com  or calling Charlotte Ehney.

For the December 9, 2014, bring in your poem or short story (2 page maximum) using the prompt

“Meeting in our Dreams”

Also, there will be end of the year holiday social. Please bring refreshments.
So far, the following people are bringing —

  • Punch, cups, ice – Lee W
  • Sugar free cookies – Philip
  • Snack – Charlotte


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