Meeting In Our Dreams – Roy Richardson

“Meeting in our Dreams”

Thinking back to a dream I had

Revisiting times when we were sad.

Sometimes a song makes me float out among the stars.

Other times music reminds me of all my scars.

I am listening to the radio and a song makes me cry.

I search within my feelings

just trying to figure out why.

In dreams I remember different things.

How we met and how we talked

That night at the beach, our moonlit walk.

I remember the day we met.

Me tripping over my tongue

fumbling, tumbling

in my mouth the words were hung.

To have you see right through me

as if I were a ghost

The hurtful things you said to me

I remember the most.

I wrote you that song

you never wanted to hear.

About love and longing

you going away and my fear.

And in my the dreams again we meet

and I sing the words to you

of a night on a rainy street

And I was in the darkest blue.

Thunder and lightning crash

The rain is falling hard

loud roar and bright flash.

And I wake up from the saddest of dreams

yet I wish I could revisit it

as you were there.

by Roy Richardson

Beginning a Wordless Journey

Beginning a Wordless Journey – Losing My Words

I’ve lost the need to dance with words,
To spill them out on a page,
To engage or to rage;
To enlighten or examine;
To outline or explain.

Once words splashed around inside my head
And spilled like water gushing from a rain spout.
Once, flurries of words came to me in a fever,
I scribbled and scrawled
Getting them down
As if nothing was real
Unless penned down and safe on a page.

Yes, I journaled and blogged,
I wrote letters and lists,
Prepared lectures, penned essays and more.
I wrote reviews and recommendations,
And had stories to share.
Words filled the page
And words were my world.

But life changes;
Suddenly the words are gone.
My pen is retired
And I am surprised to feel so free.

It seems that
In stripping away all that is not me,
I’ve discovered a comfort in silence.
In this cool, dark wordless night where I spend my hours,
Only the stars speak
And they do not need words.

I am without words
But, I do not mourn this loss.
I do not grieve their absence.
I let them fly with grace and humility,
Like ashes in the wind,
I am at peace
And I am set free at last to journey home
Without a word.

Virginia Pulver

Virginia Pulver, MA (Organizational Management), BS (Psychology), AS (Instructor Technology, is retired from the Air Force, where she worked on avionics systems of fighter aircrafts. She worked as a Junior ROTC instructor at Emerald High School in Greenwood and is currently an adjunct professor at Piedmont Technical College. She also teaches some continuing education classes at Lander University. She and her husband, Mark, will be speakers at the Fall Speaker Series at Lander onThursday, Nov. 8, to share their experiences of participation in the Peace Corps (Ukraine, 2005-2007). She participated in adult literacy outreach programs in New Mexico for three years, and has resided in Spain twice. She and her husband began a memorial library in Malawi for their son, Caleb, who died in 2002. They have a daughter, Moriah, and two grandchildren. Virginia has a passion for writing, but also enjoys many other interests, including weaving and knitting, gardening, community theater, and tending to her backyard chickens!

Featured Author – Amy Alley part 2

Do you have a special time to write or how is your day structured? Ha ha! I am a solo parent (as in only parent in the picture) who works a full-time day job, so my days are pretty structured with the typical routines that come with working and having a child in primary school. In addition, I maintain a garden, have many hobbies, am currently taking two online college courses, and I run 3 times a week! Despite how this sounds, however, I am not at all rushed or busy and life isn’t hectic. I am anything but ‘too busy’ because I have found a balance and also I do not pressure myself to write a certain amount a day, etc. Some days, I don’t write at all (other than in my head!) Because it is not my sole means of support, I can be flexible with how much time I need to spend on it. (I also have a number of people I correspond to with handwritten notes and letters, which take a bit of time but is so worth it!)

I find I write best when I write in the mornings; however, many days I have to be at work by 6:50 which makes that a bit tricky. I am not one to plan or outline my work, I am a ‘flow’ writer who just sits down when the mood strikes and writes. However, for articles, I may toy around with ideas several evenings, and then polish it all up on a morning when I don’t have to be in so early. Weekends I often rise before dawn to work on a project before my son wakes.

I have more ideas to write about than I’ll ever be able to commit to paper, but I’m okay with that. What I do take time to actually put into words is generally my most authentic message. I’ve been working lately on how to say more with less (though that may not be evident in this interview!) and it’s become a good practice for me. I don’t want to feel I’m saying the same message many times in different posts, articles, etc.

For your own reading, do you prefer e-books or traditional paper/hard back books? Paperback. I use a computer at work but do not like to use it so much at home. Though I appreciate the technology that makes so much possible, the last thing I generally want to do at home is turn on the computer after having to interact with it all day at work. J There are a few blogs I follow and make time to catch up with at least weekly, but to read on a computer would not please me at all!

What book/s are you reading at present? Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi. This book is inspiring me to start a group to study literature here in my town, because I’m moved so much by the experiences she describes. I’ve already listed the classics I think I need to read, based on how they are described in Nafisi’s words! And I definitely would love to discuss them with others. I have always believed reading makes on a better writer, and I’ve always loved books. Real books; I need to hold them in my hand. Old book are even better!

What is your favorite positive saying? Live simply while living as though money is no object. Also, I love and live by ‘lead by example’.


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