Meeting In Our Dreams – Roy Richardson

“Meeting in our Dreams”

Thinking back to a dream I had

Revisiting times when we were sad.

Sometimes a song makes me float out among the stars.

Other times music reminds me of all my scars.

I am listening to the radio and a song makes me cry.

I search within my feelings

just trying to figure out why.

In dreams I remember different things.

How we met and how we talked

That night at the beach, our moonlit walk.

I remember the day we met.

Me tripping over my tongue

fumbling, tumbling

in my mouth the words were hung.

To have you see right through me

as if I were a ghost

The hurtful things you said to me

I remember the most.

I wrote you that song

you never wanted to hear.

About love and longing

you going away and my fear.

And in my the dreams again we meet

and I sing the words to you

of a night on a rainy street

And I was in the darkest blue.

Thunder and lightning crash

The rain is falling hard

loud roar and bright flash.

And I wake up from the saddest of dreams

yet I wish I could revisit it

as you were there.

by Roy Richardson

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