Featured Author – Lee Wyndham

Why do you write?

I write because I breathe. Just as teaching was, I write because it is a calling. I write to make a difference.

What genre are your books? Christian Non-fiction

What draws you to this genre?

As a former school teacher and businesswoman, I want to pass on the wisdom I’ve accumulated through the years. Writing excites me, and I feel obligated to share what I have learned. If we can’t learn from each other’s mistakes, we’re all going to hell in a hand basket! Through my books I now have a platform from which to speak to church and civic groups. Some of the places I have spoken are: the Golden Kiwanis Club, the American Legion, the Greenwood County Library, The Burton Center, the Chamber of Commerce Women’s Forum, study clubs, and church groups in Greenwood, McCormick, Greenville, Columbia, and Edisto Island. At most programs after I speak, my husband and I entertain with a short musical program.

What have you written and where can we buy them?

I self-published two meditation books: “Meditations of My Heart” in 2007 and “He Keeps Me Singing” in 2009. Then in 2012 Ambassador International published My Oh My: A Journey of Faith through Marriage, Parenting, and Miracles for me. You can buy My Oh My from Amazon.com or from McCaslans’ Bookstore in uptown Greenwood. I have a limited number of “He Keeps Me Singing” for sale personally. These books make a great gift for young adults through senior


The bi-line for “My Oh My” is “A Journey of Faith through Marriage, Parenting, and Miracles.” It is not a complete autobiography because there is very little in it about my childhood. That may come later.

Basically my book includes many of my life experiences, most of which are humorous and dramatic. I share several miracles that have happened to me and I share my secrets to being happily married for 50 years and raising four “normal” daughters. Many people have told me they keep my books by their bedside and re-read passages regularly. That tickles me to no end!

God is good and throughout my book my stories are intertwined with the underlying message of my faith. Shooting straight from my heart I describe my spiritual beliefs and disbeliefs.



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