Recent Workshop about WordPress

On January 13, Roy Richardson (from ) graciously held a workshop to teach us about using WordPress to create a blog. We had a full house and everyone was eager to learn more.


We can sum up his workshop this way

  • Choose a good website name
  • Customize your blog with an appropriate theme and plugins
  • Use lots of pictures (check copyright usage )
  • Optimize your site for speed
  • Have robust security to prevent hacking
  • Back up site files on your home computer
  • Have a regular publishing schedule (CONTENT is KING)

IMG_7097  IMG_7094   IMG_7096
The full list of plugins, sites, ideas, and links to material about WordPress, resources to help with Blogging in general, and help with Social Media are here.

From January 13 – January 15, Roy is offering his book WordPress from Setup to Website for free. This book is a great deal at the regular price, and an even better bargain for this short time.

Thanks to everyone that attended. Look out for future workshops. The leadership committee is working on developing a workshop to discuss social media tools. Stay tuned. More to come!!!


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