Talking to Myself – Musings by Jorge Castillo

Talking to myself –
Inspired by the Same sex marriage Supreme court ruling
By Jorge Castillo

The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) decided that same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states of the Union.
The LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bi and Transsexual) are celebrating; Why not? Now after they made the decision of getting married, they do not need to worry for their legal status to change if they move to other State. So no more complications, you see, now one partner can claim the other in their tax return. They can file their return jointly. They also will have rights about alimony, child custody and support, as any other couple that decide to get married.
The democrats (members of the Democratic party) will celebrate also, because this undermine the position of their rivals the conservatives republicans, doesn’t matter that they personally do not agree with the decision and also think that Marriage should be between a man and a woman. And will deem un-acceptable one of their sons or daughters to get involved in a same sex relationship.
The republicans (members of the Republican Party) as conservatives, will oppose the decision by any mean available, they will question the legality of the Supreme Court’s decision (what an irony), they will argue that this is a decision that each state should make by itself. And finally they will raise their Bible and state that God defined that marriage need to be between a man and a woman (I don’t know if that is true). Who can argue with that?
As I see it, we are mixing two different issues; God and human laws. As you see in the first paragraphs they only talk about the right to file a return together, to be recognized as a couple anywhere in the United States for any legal purpose. You see, we are talking about legal issues and want to interpret them with a religious point of view that may or may not means anything for a large number of the population. If you are not of a Judeo – Christian faith and even if you don’t believe in the interpretation of the Bible, that for some people said, that marriage should be between a man and a woman this discussion do not make sense to you.
So far no one has brought the discussion to the real issue, how this same sex couples, have, perform or do, exactly that, SEX, How they do it? How they feel while doing it? The rest of the arguments used to discuss this subject, are just pointless arguments. Like the lawyer (Denzel Washington) expressed in the movie Philadelphia; who does who and how they do it.
So, all come to the unacceptable point of view of the people called straight, that can’t accept that someone can find love and care and wants to commit to live with another person no matter what their sex is.
Some of the defenders of the traditional definition of marriage, forget that marriage is no more the idyllically relationship between a man and a woman. Let’s take a look, every marriage performed today, as a normal practice, is followed by a pre-nuptial agreement that involves a lawyer, accountant, real estate agent, etc. Also some may argue that even a mistress or lover should be included. So too many people around.
So in the human plane and under the human law, the definition of marriage being between a man and a woman does not holds any value, so mixing this definition with the religious or atheists considerations also contributes to a bigger confusion.
Let’s call it what it is a civil contract performed by civil courts that are regulated by civil laws and as such it doesn’t matter of have any meaning under the religious point of view.
The people that believe in the traditional definition of marriage should follow their heart and marry under their church or sect to comply with their spiritual conscience (called whatever they want) but remember you will also have to get your marriage license to be able to deal with the legalities that are associated with this type of marriage, to the ones that believe that two people (here I am accepting a convention that tomorrow may not hold true under the law) can live as a couple enjoying the rights and dues that the human law provide to couples that decide to live together, you are now by law granted those rights.


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