Ripples (A Grandmother’s Prayer) – Lee Wyndham



By Lee Wyndham

The day you were born,

I thanked God for the miracle of your mother,

The miracle of you,

 The miracle of creation.

 When you first stood alone,

I asked if you could dance.

And dance you did!

Clapping your tiny hands, you wiggled in place.

I prayed you’ll always stand up for what you believe.

 You held my hand tightly

As we jumped the ocean’s waves.

I prayed you’ll jump all of life’s hurdles with grace.

With dignity.

 When you learned to water ski,

You held on tightly to the rope.

But when you fell, you learned to turn the rope loose quickly.

I prayed that when you fall down,

You’ll always know when to hold on or when to let go.

 I’ll cheer for you as you develop your skills and talents.

I’ll bring you red roses.

I’ll pull for you in victory and defeat,

Knowing full well you’ll learn more from your losses.

 Your Christening was a special day,

As was the day you were confirmed.

I pray that you’ll always use Jesus Christ as your compass

As you journey in your faith.

 Someday you’ll choose your prince charming.

Hold his hand ever so tightly

As you navigate life’s turbulent waters.

Love passionately.

Never take each other for granted.

 Before long your grandmother will need to let go of the rope.

Let me go ever so gently. Ever so peacefully.

But I pray that when you are very still,

You’ll be able to sense ripples of your Le-le

In the deepest waters of your heart.


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