Bedfellows – Charlotte Ehney


By Charlotte Ehney

At night they appear

Anxiety, fear, bad memories, what ifs

I see them in the corner of the room

Tiger eyes staring me down

Ready to pounce and tear me to shreds

I squeeze my eyes shut to block them out

But still they hunt me

Their growl echoes through the room and shakes the windowpanes

Heavy paw pads pace close to my bed

I feel their hot breath on my neck

I turn to the rituals of childhood for protection

A fort of pillows surrounds me

The comforter tight beneath my chin

The voice in my head recites fairytales with happy endings

I drift into sleep where I escape them

At least until the morning breaks

And I’m forced to resume my role as an adult

Where I smile and chat and direct my day

Pretending nothing is a big deal

All the while knowing what is waiting when the night returns.

Charlotte Ehney is a native of South Carolina. She received an Honorable Mention for her short story “The Game” in the 77th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition (Genre Category) and an Honorable Mention in the Fifth Annual Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards for the story “Full Circle”. Charlotte’s poems have appeared in the column “Birthing the Writer Mother” on and in Thump magazine. Charlotte has published two books Blood Adversaries and Family Vows.


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