Minutes from Writer’s Guild September meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild September meeting

September 8 2015 – 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango,  Gwen Murtha, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman, Amy Alley, Jorge Castillo, Lee Wyndham


The writing workshop on October 17th is confirmed.
The theme will be writing dialogue. The workshop presenter is Hope Clark. A flyer to publicize the event will be coming out soon. Roy is in charge of creating the flyer.
Amy said that she would submit the event to Natural Awakening magazine. This magazine is available at Aromas cafe.

Amaryllis offered to share book blurbs if anyone is interested in reading and reviewing. Reviews will be guest posts at her blog The Opinionated Woman’s Musings.

The South Carolina art commission is accepting applications for their annual fellowship. For more information about this, contact Charlotte.

–Member sharing–

Gwen read an excerpt from her short story “The Lonely Reaper”.
Lee read her poem “Rage”.
Jorge read his poem “Where is the magic?”
Charlotte read her poem “Scribblings”.

Minutes from Writer’s Guild August meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild August meeting

August 11, 2015 – 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango,  Gwen Murtha, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman, Connie Turpack, Jorge Castillo, Ray

Literary News
GWG will host a writers workshop October 17 – speaker will be Hope Clark
South Carolina book Festival is a great event but is no longer happening in future years.

Member sharing

  • Connie read her article to be published in the Greenwood magazine.
  • Gwen shared her short story entitled under the mountain.
  • Ray talk about his idea for a science fiction series featuring time travel and a futuristic theme.
  • Jorge shared a poem.



Science Reveals the Advantage Writers Have Over the Rest of Us by Philip Ross

The benefits of being a writer 🙂

Jens Thoughts

Great article I wanted to share with everyone.

Philip Ross's avatar image By Philip Ross August 17, 2015

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10 Things Things That Are Stopping You From Writing

Can you identify with this?

Heena Rathore P.

Every writer, whether they are big or small, experienced or newbie, published or unpublished, old or young, face the same fears and feel jittered before putting their work in front of the public (books, articles or any other content.)
What are these fears? What are the reasons that demotivate writers from writing? And finally, how to get over them and come out as a winner and go ahead with writing?

If you’re looking for answers to  these questions then go ahead and read.


10 Things That Are stopping You From Writing:

#1 Self-doubt

Self-doubt is nothing but a state of mind, just like confidence. But its one that can either stop you from growing or completely destroy you.

Everyone, at some point or the other, experiences the bitter taste of self-doubt, but the people who get over it are the ones who do not let it stop them from doing what they really want to…

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Nuclear weapons and the world – Jorge Castillo

Nuclear weapons and the world

With a Nuclear bomb
anyone can blow a country out of the world.
the world doesn’t know what to do
so we will see a proliferation a powerful nukes.
With a bomb like that, in the wrong pair of hands
human destruction is certain as death.
After the first shot is fired,
no matter who started
no matter who is to blame
half of us will end in heaven
the other half in hell.
We all will remember what once
Einstein foretold
the war after this
will be among a few of us,
and we will end battling with sticks and rocks.

Jorge Castillo, July 2015


Sharing a poem to spark your creativity. Keep writing!

Spoken Word Poetry, Art & Haiku in fun mini series...New York City.


A love lost,
Drifted in the past,
Reflections becomes lust,
Once gone but now has come back,
Trapped by the good times,

So hard to move on,
Want to try once more,
But on which day and how long?
I see her in passing,
She still has that special while,
Walked the same route,
Hoping to she her again,
Rather than once in a while,
I smile at her in passing,
Wanting to express how I am feeling,
But I can’t rescue the past,
My body needs some spiritual healing.

Jixi Fox


“Rival Many, Praise Few”

Follow: www.jixifox.me | www.jixifox.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/jixifox

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