Truth – Poem by Amaryllis Turman


When a woman asks you a question twice, this is a chance for you to tell her the truth.
When I called to ask you a question it was an opportunity for you to prove to me that you had changed.
The years of telling me your lies were supposed to be behind us.
You were now committed to this relationship. I was supposed to be able to trust, not doubt, your word.
his was your last chance. I did not think it was too much to ask.
What I wanted from you was for you to tell me the truth.

When a woman asked you a question twice, most likely she already knows the answer.
This is not a ploy. This is only an affirmative confirmation of what I already know.
Semantics do not come into play.
Yes, this is a test. This is the final exam for our relationship.
Since you have a proclivity to speak falsehood, I would have hoped that you would choose your words carefully.

When a woman asked you a question twice, it is not the time to try to stick to your story if it is not accurate.
I asked you several times the same question because I wanted to be sure there was no doubt in your mind what information I was trying to extract from you.
The twitch of your cheek and lack of eye contact reinforced to me that you did not respect my right to have the truth. Had you gave my face more than a cursory glance, you would have realized this interrogation was with a purpose.
I had hoped that your conscience would have picked up on the underlying pleading urgency in my voice and urged your brain to do the right thing.

When a woman asked you a question twice, have the sense to know that your reckoning is near. Your refusal to be true gives me no other option but to reveal your dishonesty.
When I expose you, you claim entrapment as if I set you up to fail.
Ignoring the blatant fact that you lied yet again as if it is of no consequence, you ask me “Why did I put you to the test?”
I learned from my past mistakes.
I used to give you passing grades without checking your answers, but that only led to heartache and disappointment.
I asked you a simple question and you continued to be duplicitous. Your treachery runs deeper than the Grand Canyon.
Then say the first true statement “You don’t trust me.”

Your belligerent tone implies that I have insulted you.
It is offensive to you that I question your movements, check on your actions, confer with others for confirmation as fact. It is far outside your realm of understanding the concept that trust is earned.
Your reputation is sullied by the untruths, fabrications, lies that flow from your mouth like rivers after torrential rainstorm. I am drowning in your deceit.

Truth is my lifeline. I will pull myself to higher ground. You flatter yourself thinking this was all about you. THIS is about me.

When a woman asked you a question twice, it is not trick you.
This is about saving herself.

Amaryllis Turman

August 2013