Minutes from July Writer’s Guild meeting 

Minutes from Writer’s Guild July meeting
July 12 2016 – 6 pm- Arts Center
Attendees: Jorge Castillo, Charles Walker, Connie Terpack, Mary Woodiwiss, Phillip Carango, Charlotte Ehney, Gwen Murtha, Amaryllis Turman 

The Poetry workshop is confirmed for Aug 27 10am-12noon with Terri McCord. The cost is $15 and it is open to public

Charlotte gave an update concerning the Leath writing workshops. Everything is in progress and participants are getting background checks.

Regarding Isreal Allen’s book signing at Main and Maxwell- it went well. He did a reading as well.

Charlotte is going to follow up with owner of Main and Maxwell to see about having a book signings there.

Connie is going to check if The Book Store in Laurens is a possible venue for book signings.

Member sharing
Based on last month’s prompt Breath of Inspiration:
—Jorge C read a poem A Breath of Inspiration
—Charlotte E read a poem Writer’s Block

Connie T is finishing up her latest article for the Greenwood magazine.
Charles W shared a chapter from his current work in progress.


Poem: Breath of Inspiration by Jorge Castillo

A breath of inspiration

How can we breathe inspiration when

the act of breathing is involuntary and

inspiration is given by the gods to us, to make it alive.

Inspiration can come at any instant and if we are

ready for it, we can create some of the most

beautiful pieces of art, be it poetry, prose, paintings

or any other artistic manifestation.

Like the breath which God used to give us life,

inspiration will give life to our thoughts, in

the form that we decide to express it.

So a breath of inspiration came to us

as life was given to us, without asking,

without expecting, not even wanting,

it is a free gift that should be honored by

turning it into something that others can

admire and delight on it, not for our Glory

but for the sheer pleasure of giving life to that

breath of Inspiration. As yours, as your life and

so alien that you may not recognize it, by

looking from afar.


Jorge Castillo

Jun 2016

Poem: Writer’s Block by Charlotte Ehney

Writer’s Block

My muse –

she must be on vacation

‘cause I can’t find her anywhere.

So I stare at blank pages,

not a breath of inspiration

to be found.

My pen

quivers in my hand

longing to record

beautiful words,

vivid images

but it’s just not to be.

No, my muse

has abandoned me.

Impatiently, I wait

yearning for her return

to once more inspire me.

Charlotte Ehney


At the Intersection – poem by Jorge Castillo

At the intersection

When you get to an intersection

what way will you follow, the easy one,

the short one, the one to the left or

to the right, the familiar or the

unknown one, there is a choice to make

and you have to do it.

This is not only for the road, where you

always can turn back and retrace

your way, this is for your life. When it is

acceptable to compromise and take the

convenient choice, or cheat by going

around instead of how it needed to be done.

What are you willing to sacrifice

just to get where you want. How many

will be left behind just to get you there.

Remember life is a road of character

a road of principles of discipline.

How you sail through life will define

how you arrive at the port of destination.

Be sure you take the right way.

Jorge Castillo

May 2016