At the Intersection – poem by Jorge Castillo

At the intersection

When you get to an intersection

what way will you follow, the easy one,

the short one, the one to the left or

to the right, the familiar or the

unknown one, there is a choice to make

and you have to do it.

This is not only for the road, where you

always can turn back and retrace

your way, this is for your life. When it is

acceptable to compromise and take the

convenient choice, or cheat by going

around instead of how it needed to be done.

What are you willing to sacrifice

just to get where you want. How many

will be left behind just to get you there.

Remember life is a road of character

a road of principles of discipline.

How you sail through life will define

how you arrive at the port of destination.

Be sure you take the right way.

Jorge Castillo

May 2016


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