Poem: Breath of Inspiration by Jorge Castillo

A breath of inspiration

How can we breathe inspiration when

the act of breathing is involuntary and

inspiration is given by the gods to us, to make it alive.

Inspiration can come at any instant and if we are

ready for it, we can create some of the most

beautiful pieces of art, be it poetry, prose, paintings

or any other artistic manifestation.

Like the breath which God used to give us life,

inspiration will give life to our thoughts, in

the form that we decide to express it.

So a breath of inspiration came to us

as life was given to us, without asking,

without expecting, not even wanting,

it is a free gift that should be honored by

turning it into something that others can

admire and delight on it, not for our Glory

but for the sheer pleasure of giving life to that

breath of Inspiration. As yours, as your life and

so alien that you may not recognize it, by

looking from afar.


Jorge Castillo

Jun 2016


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