Book Signing Lessons #supportlocalauthors

Lessons Learned

Last week, Writer’s Guild member Connie Terpack went to Laurens, SC to attend the book signing for John P. Faris, Jr. He has published a book entitled We’ll Do It Tomorrow.

She said that she the importance of delegating when preparing for the book signing.

She stated, “For most of my signings I did everything.”

However, from her observations at this book signing, the lesson was learned that when you let family and friends help out, it allows you as the author more time to engage with prospective readers.

It is a good idea for all of us to support other local author book signings. Plus it helps us all learn best practices when we have our own signing events.

Thanks Connie for sharing!


Connie pictured with John P. Faris


Book Signing Tips

You have published and printed your book and now what?

Next stop: Have a book signing.

If we have a book signing, we want it to be successful.

Here are a few tips discussed in a previous meeting that can help to boost attendance:

  1. Advertise in the newspaper
  2. Use social media – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube
  3. Offer free books to the first 10 (or however many) attendees
  4. Invite local book club members