Writer’s Guild December 2016 meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild December meeting

December 13, 2016 – 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Eric Smith, Lee Wyndham, Connie Terpack, Roy Richardson, Amaryllis Turman


Welcome Eric Smith, first time attendee

Writing workshop January 28, 2017, fee $15

–Member sharing–

Eric writes Christian fiction and talked about his experience publishing his first book last September.

Lee participated in “Meet the Author” day at the Abbeville County Library. She had a very pleasant experience and thinks that we should try something similar at the Greenwood County Library. Prudence from Greenwood Country Library said this might be possible in March 2017.

Connie talked about her self-publishing experience. One of the drawbacks was that the finished book had tiny size 9 font that was not evident until after printing.

Roy talked about creating audiobooks. He said that packages are available for purchase to create audiobooks, it is also possible to purchase the equipment and if you would like to do it yourself. He said that it is important to research which equipment that will be best for your needs.

Amaryllis shared 2 haiku poems.



Minutes from July Writer’s Guild meeting 

Minutes from Writer’s Guild July meeting
July 12 2016 – 6 pm- Arts Center
Attendees: Jorge Castillo, Charles Walker, Connie Terpack, Mary Woodiwiss, Phillip Carango, Charlotte Ehney, Gwen Murtha, Amaryllis Turman 

The Poetry workshop is confirmed for Aug 27 10am-12noon with Terri McCord. The cost is $15 and it is open to public

Charlotte gave an update concerning the Leath writing workshops. Everything is in progress and participants are getting background checks.

Regarding Isreal Allen’s book signing at Main and Maxwell- it went well. He did a reading as well.

Charlotte is going to follow up with owner of Main and Maxwell to see about having a book signings there.

Connie is going to check if The Book Store in Laurens is a possible venue for book signings.

Member sharing
Based on last month’s prompt Breath of Inspiration:
—Jorge C read a poem A Breath of Inspiration
—Charlotte E read a poem Writer’s Block

Connie T is finishing up her latest article for the Greenwood magazine.
Charles W shared a chapter from his current work in progress.

Minutes from Writer’s Guild September meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild September meeting

September 8 2015 – 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango,  Gwen Murtha, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman, Amy Alley, Jorge Castillo, Lee Wyndham


The writing workshop on October 17th is confirmed.
The theme will be writing dialogue. The workshop presenter is Hope Clark. A flyer to publicize the event will be coming out soon. Roy is in charge of creating the flyer.
Amy said that she would submit the event to Natural Awakening magazine. This magazine is available at Aromas cafe.

Amaryllis offered to share book blurbs if anyone is interested in reading and reviewing. Reviews will be guest posts at her blog The Opinionated Woman’s Musings.

The South Carolina art commission is accepting applications for their annual fellowship. For more information about this, contact Charlotte.

–Member sharing–

Gwen read an excerpt from her short story “The Lonely Reaper”.
Lee read her poem “Rage”.
Jorge read his poem “Where is the magic?”
Charlotte read her poem “Scribblings”.

Minutes from Writer’s Guild August meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild August meeting

August 11, 2015 – 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango,  Gwen Murtha, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman, Connie Turpack, Jorge Castillo, Ray

Literary News
GWG will host a writers workshop October 17 – speaker will be Hope Clark
South Carolina book Festival is a great event but is no longer happening in future years.

Member sharing

  • Connie read her article to be published in the Greenwood magazine.
  • Gwen shared her short story entitled under the mountain.
  • Ray talk about his idea for a science fiction series featuring time travel and a futuristic theme.
  • Jorge shared a poem.



Minutes from Writer’s Guild July meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild July meeting

July 14, 2015 – 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango, Gwen Murtha, Jorge Castillo, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman, Connie Edwards

Member news

Jorge read his latest piece “Musings about the confederate flag”

Charlotte shared a poem “Sparks Fly” reflecting on justice and its impact.

Other discussion

Connie said that she is dealing with Writer’s Block and the group discussed ways to overcome it.

Some of the suggestions were

  • Write down your motivation for writing
  • Use a character notebook to describe each character’s background. Have as much setting information as possible
  • Record questions about present work in a journal
  • Decide in the work should be a short story instead of full length novel
  • Read a novel from the same genre


Minutes from Writer’s Guild June meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild June meeting

June 9, 2015 – 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip C, Lee W, Lee P, Roy R, Charlotte E, Amaryllis T, Jorge C, Fred B, Chuck B

Welcome new attendees Jorge C & Chuck B!

Member news

Charlotte attended the SC Book Festival. There were free workshops on Saturday May 16. Maybe GWG can make plans to attend next year.

Charlotte is proofing her second book Family Vows to be published on CreateSpace.

Two of Fred’s poems have been published in the Anthology 33 from Negative Capability Press.

Lee W (with her husband) spoke at Northside Methodist Church in Greenville and had success selling a few of her books afterwards.

Sharing for discussion

Fred read his Anthology 33 published poem along with 2 poems inspired by Father’s Day.

Charlotte read “Oh Woman!” a response and companion piece to “That man of mine”

Amaryllis read her poem entitled “Jury Duty”

Writer’s Musings 

Lee W said she feels “sense of joy” when she is writing.

Fred said he is a firm believer in re-writing and editing.

Roy suggested using Canva’s book cover template to design book covers.

Minutes from Writer’s Guild March meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild March meeting

March 10, 2015 – 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango, Lee Wyndham, Roy Richardson, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman, Connie Edwards, Fred Bassett

Member news

Congrats to Fred! Two of his poems were chosen for inclusion in POEM Literary Magazine. Only the best poems from thousands of national and international submissions are selected for publication in POEM. Published and distributed by HLA twice each year to members and major libraries, this literary journal is recognized as one of the finest poetry magazines in the United States. To have a chance to be included in future publications, check out the submission guidelines  here http://hlahsv.org/POEM

Connie Edwards was the main feature at the McKissick Club. She was well received and looks forward to reading more of her poems to this group in the future.

Well done Fred and Connie!

Other news

Fred is working on the second edition of his book The Old Stoic Faces the Mirror.

Lee introduced a form of poetry to the group that was new to her. It is called terzanelle. This a 19-line Italian form poem. For more information about this form of poetry and to see examples, check out  http://www.writersdigest.com/whats-new/terzanelle-poetic-form

The group would like to plan an event in April for National Poetry Month. If you have twitter, you can follow other poetry events happening nationwide @POETSorg.

The group discussed publishing an anthology of local writers using Createspace. If you have any suggestions as to what the guidelines should be, send them to amaryllisturman [at] gmail [dot] com.