Minutes from Writers’ Guild November meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild November meeting

November 11, 2014- 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango, Lee Wyndham, Roy Richardson, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman

Member news

Congrats to Roy ! His submission was chosen for the inclusion in the Penned from the Heart 2015 daily devotional. Penned from the Heart is a non-denominational, Christian book of inspiration and teaching consisting of 366 devotions which can be used in any year.  It is published around Thanksgiving by Son-Rise Publications, New Wilmington, PA.  (http://www.marilynnutter.com/writers-guidelines.html)

Congrats to Lee W! She has been tasked to participate as part of the Spiritual Committee that is writing a devotional to assist the capital campaign of First Baptist church on Grace Street.

Other news

There is a Writer’s Free workshop in Anderson on November 22nd. Email amaryllisturman [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

Lee W gave the treasurer’s report. Our account is in good shape.

Charlotte talked to Jennifer with the Arts Center about a possible Mirror Images event in 2015. Everything right now is tentative.

There will be a Writer’s Workshop held in place of the January 13, 2015 meeting. The topic will be blogging. Roy will facilitate. Please RSVP by emailing amaryllisturman [at] gmail [dot] com  or calling Charlotte Ehney.

For the December 9, 2014, bring in your poem or short story (2 page maximum) using the prompt

“Meeting in our Dreams”

Also, there will be end of the year holiday social. Please bring refreshments.
So far, the following people are bringing —

  • Punch, cups, ice – Lee W
  • Sugar free cookies – Philip
  • Snack – Charlotte

Minutes from Writer’s Guild September Meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild September meeting

September 9, 2014- 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Phillip Carango, Lee Wyndham, Roy Richardson, Charlotte Ehney, Amaryllis Turman

Member news

Writer’s Guild board nominations were made and voted upon for calendar year 2015

  • Charlotte Ehney- Chairwoman
  • Amaryllis Turman – Vice chair
  • Roy Richardson – Publicity director
  • Lee Wyndham – Treasurer
  • Fred Bassett – Arts Center Liaison

For more information about the description of each position, email amaryllisturman [at] gmail [dot] com.

It was voted and approved to formally change the group’s name from “Writer’s Guild/Poetry Circle” to “Writer’s Guild”.
Member discussion

Content is needed for the blog. Since it was agreed that the blog will be published on Monday 4 times a month, we need content submissions for the blog. Topics can include member news, contests, publisher experiences, etc.

Roy volunteered to provide links to websites about writing. Lee said that she would provide information about upcoming writing workshops and seminars.

There is also be a feature that spotlights local authors. Anyone who would like to be featured should contact Amaryllis.

If you have a poem or short story (400-600 words) that you would like to share on the blog, email that to Amaryllis.

Amaryllis has not yet heard back from someone from GWD Now to discuss possible writing opportunities for Writer’s guild members. She will update when she hears something.

Lee W has had several speaking engagements over the last few months. She spoke in Edisto and also at Ware Shoals Baptist church. In both cases, she used material based on her book.

Charlotte showed the group her proof copy of book soon to be in paperback. Looks good!


Roy mentioned that Amazon has released a Kindle Kids’ Book Creator to create illustrated children’s books for Kindle. Now it is even easier to prepare, publish, and promote illustrated and chapter books for children. See Amazon’s website for more details.

Upcoming Writing workshop

Saturday, Sept. 27, 2:00-5:00 ACFW-SC Chapter Meeting- N. Anderson Baptist Church, 2308 N. Main St.,Anderson,SC
Free Class “How to Write a Hot Query Letter and Sizzling First Page”  Visitors welcome! No pre-registration required.
Speaker: Yvonne Lehman, award-winning author and Acquisitions Editor for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.
Attendees are welcome to bring a query letter and a first page to be critiqued by Yvonne in the meeting.  Please bring 2 copies of each for this critique time. This is an opportunity to hone your contest entry or just learn how to do a great query and first page to hook an  agent or editor. Material brought should be in the format described guidelines (send email request for full detail to be forwarded). Please remember that query letters are one page and single-spaced. First pages of novels start 1/3 the way down and are double spaced. One-inch margins for both. A big goal of this short first page is to HOOK the reader/agent/editor.

Minutes from Writers Guild/Poetry Circle August meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild/Poetry Circle meeting

August 12, 2014- 6 pm- Arts Center

Attendees: Lee Padgett, Phillip Carango, Connie Terpack, Roy Richardson, Jane Seawright, Amaryllis Turman

Member news

Connie is working on an article for the Greenwood magazine. The editor is Kristen Hillman. If anyone has an idea for the magazine, talk to Connie and she will explain how to go about contacting Kristen. Article topics must be Greenwood country related. Article submissions are due by the 10th of the month before publication. Example, for November/December issue, article would be due October 10th.

Amaryllis shared a poem she wrote with the executive director of MEG’s House. It was well received and has the potential to be used in future domestic violence awareness events.

Roy submitted a piece to a devotional book from a contact made on Twitter. This is a good example of using social media to make contacts.

Jane uses Facebook and Grit magazine to find pen pals for snail mail letter writing. She has found that this helps to spur the creativity.

Member discussion

Roy asked “How do you stay focused when writing?” Answer from Jane: “Inspiration does not ask. It just happens.”

Make a list of favorite words
Draw a scene to figure how to write or describe
Use board game pieces to stage characters for a scene
Create an outline to determine timeline (and avoid plot confusion)

Amaryllis is going to contact someone from GWD Now to discuss possible writing opportunities for Writer’s guild members.

Connie has a segment on her blog called “Faith Filled Friday”. If anyone is interested in being a guest blogger, sharing an article or story with that theme, contact Connie.

Don’t forget that officers will be elected during the September meeting. Positions available: Chair, Co-Chair (events & program director), Publicity & Social media (blog, Facebook, etc),

Writing Contests and other information

Sourcebooks, Inc. is always looking for qualified freelance resources in the areas of copyediting, proofreading, indexing, production and design – See more

Tennessee Williams Festival Fiction Writing contest ($25 Entry Fee) This contest is open only to writers who have not yet published a book of fiction. See more

Minutes from Writer’s Guild/Poetry Circle July meeting

Minutes from Writer’s Guild/Poetry Circle meeting

July 8, 2014- 6 pm- Arts Center

Attending: Fred Basset, Connie Terpack, Lee Wyndham, Amaryllis Turman, Roy Richardson, Charlotte Ehney, Lee Padgett, Philip Carango

Discussion Items

Social media outlets- Facebook page, Blog, Twitter. Do you need them or not?

Group’s blog/website  – send your member bios to amaryllisturman [at] gmail[dot] com to be included on the group website.

We need regular content for the blog. The schedule has not be decided but it has been suggested to have weekly posts. Concerning content, one idea is to post mirror image collaborations. Amaryllis Turman is collecting poems and pictures of artwork to post one each month. Send submissions to amaryllisturman [at] gmail[dot] com

Charlotte Ehney has created a Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/authorcharlotteehney

Roy Richardson has created a Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/rwrichardson

Amaryllis Turman has created a Facebook author page

For all of us that want to revamp our FB pages: 7 Ways to Instantly Transform Your Facebook Business Page- Read more at http://blog.canva.com/transform-facebook-business-page/#rDAtty5qx1icAV0y.99

BookBaby is giving away Guy Kawasaki’s book about self-publishing free through July 31st. Click here to download a free copy of Guy Kawasaki’s APE: How to Publish a Book. It is helpful book about self-publishing. In case you are wondering, APE stands for Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur.

There is a call for entries for the Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Awards short story competition. Early bird deadline is September 15, 2014. Click here to find out more about submission guidelines and entry fees.

There was a discussion about formalizing this group by having active officers, creating plans for community involvement and activities during the year. In September 2014, we will be structuring the group. If you are interested, contact amaryllisturman [at] gmail[dot] com.

Some ideas for the coming year

  • Public poetry reading in April 2015
  • Mirror image exhibit at Arts Center and local restaurants

Last but not least, make sure your Arts Center membership is up-to-date. If you are not sure if you are a current member, you can find out from Amaryllis Turman.

Greetings World!


Hello everyone!

This is history in the making. This is the first post for the website for the Greenwood Writer’s Guild & Poetry Circle located in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Hopefully, this webpage will help like-minded individuals in Greenwood wishing to get inspired to write. In addition to inspiring one another, we like to support one another through the publishing process.

Our group meets every second Tuesday at the Arts Center (also known as the Federal Building).

(in the picture from left to right: Phil Carango, Fred Bassett, Grace Contreras, Amaryllis Turman, Michael Bassett, Connie Terpack)

For more information, email amaryllisturman [at] gmail [dot] com